Delphi Project Foundation and the Philadelphia Hispanic Community

September 2022

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, it is important to highlight Delphi Project Foundation’s (DPF) deep connection to the Philadelphia Hispanic community. For more than twenty years, DPF has worked with Taller Puertorriqueño and Esperanza.

Taller is a community-based cultural organization whose primary purpose is to preserve, develop, and promote Puerto Rican arts and culture. Esperanza is comprehensive organization that supports Hispanic communities through education, housing and economic development, workforce development, and immigration legal services.

Students from Taller Puertorriqueño and Esperanza Academy High School participate in the Delphi Summer Teen Media Program. Personnel from these organizations serve as instructors and mentors in the program.  In addition, DPF supports Taller’s Youth Artist Program, a high school level visual arts portfolio building program designed to prepare students for college-level art school and skills for the creative economy.

Esperanza high school students participate in the Delphi High School Choreography Mentorship Program, a dance program in partnership with Philadelphia Ballet. In addition, this year’s Delphi Summer Dance Camp was held at the Esperanza Arts Center.

Several schools that participate in Let’s Dance Program are located in North Philadelphia and serve a student population that is primarily Hispanic. These particular schools are Juniata Park Academy, Pan American Charter, Julia de Burgos, and Conwell Middle School.

DPF is proud and honored to provide a space and outlet to support and celebrate the Philadelphia Hispanic community.