Empowering Employees to plan their journey with Absence Blueprint™

Absence Blueprint isn’t just a calculator.

The user interface is an easy to use experience that takes employees through the steps to plan their leave, and is customizable to fit your organization’s specific leave plans and policies.

Absence Blueprint

Absence Planning, Simplified

Our software was designed with employees in mind to better understand what’s available, when and how much prior to taking their leave of absence. Absence Blueprint removes the burden from HR and puts the planning power into the hands of employees.

  • Federal, State and your specific leave polices, all in one convenient tool.
  • Highly configurable design, including employee eligibility for specific leave programs.
  • Simple question and answer process – we only ask the questions needed to produce a result.
  • Complex formulas and calculations of benefits accounted for across multiple state programs.
  • Easy to read graphical representation of all time away from work and pay
  • Downloadable for consistent HR conversations with employees.
  • Integration with HRIS through SSO connections, enabling us to dynamically answer or exclude questions.
  • Much like leave and disability programs from Reliance Matrix, compliance is guaranteed.