An employee-centric experience, because absence is personal

Our Matrix platform is designed to recognize every individual and personalize an experience when a health event occurs with one of your employees or their family members.

This experience, whether digital or over the phone, is what makes Reliance Matrix unique. Focusing on each individual and the all applicable benefit payments and leave entitlements for their personal situation at the same time maximizes employee productivity and the performance of your benefits program.

One event, one experience

Employees experience health events. They shouldn’t have to call multiple phone numbers or submit multiple forms for the same event.

An integrated platform and one designated contact experienced in managing State and Federal Leave, Disability and Supplemental Health products like Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity, ensures your employees receive their benefits and entitlements through one source, one time.

Personalized workflow

The Matrix platform is a rules-based engine that uses the demographics of each individual employee enhance the experience and uses decision-tree logic to help employees quickly and easily start their absence journey or just file a claim.

Secure platform for the entire journey

Claim or leave detail, important documents and history are always readily available.

When needed, employees have database-driven access to medical providers and direct line of communication to their designated contact.

Mobile-first philosophy

Our entire platform is designed for the entire absence journey, from start to finish, to be completed on a mobile device.

Always live, 24/7/365

Today’s workforce operates in three shifts, which is why our US-based contacts centers are always available 24/7/365 to support.

We provide our contact center reps the same innovative platform and tools your employees use, giving them full visibility into the current status of an employee’s event.