Email and Security

Recent reports indicate that the occurrence of e-mail-based fraud is on the rise. Please do not be fooled by email from "Reliance Standard Life Insurance" or any affiliate company that requests you to provide any of your personal information, such as your social security number, your date of birth, or your medical or occupational information. As a policy, Reliance Standard will never send you any request for such information nor will we send you unsolicited emails. Protecting the integrity of your personal information is our first priority at Reliance Standard.

Fraudulent (Phishing) Emails

Reliance Standard recognizes how important it is to protect your identity from unlawful use, and shield your accounts from fraud and unauthorized access. With that in mind, you can be assured that it's not our practice to:
  • Send e-mail that requires you to enter personal information directly into the e-mail;
  • Send e-mail threatening to close your account if you do not take the immediate action of providing personal information;
  • Send e-mail asking you to reply by sending personal information;
  • Share your name with any contacts outside our firm in a manner inconsistent with our Privacy Policy

With those things in mind, please exercise caution when reading e-mail that may appear to have been sent by Reliance Standard, Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, First Reliance Standard Life, RSL or FirstRSL.

It's an unfortunate reality that criminals continue to devise ways to exploit technology in an effort to exploit you. One increasingly common scam is called "phishing" (pronounced "fishing"), where your personal information is the "catch of the day."

Here are some recent examples of  Fraudulent (Phishing) Email